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Bartlett Audio

Bass Mic

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The Bartlett Bass Mic is a  mini condenser mic for amplifying the acoustic bass with a warm, natural sound. Includes a rugged 8-ft cable, foam mount, and XLR connector. You'll be free to move around, and you'll get consistent sound from gig to gig.

It blends well with a pickup. The pickup adds definition, while the Bass Mic adds fullness.

For maximum gain-before-feedback and isolation, place the Bass Mic in an f-hole. For better sound when recording, wrap the Bass Mic in foam and place it behind the bridge.

If you have an acoustic bass guitar, email me to get a custom mic for that instrument.


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Quickstart Guide

  • Full, mellow tone
  • Low feedback
  • Soft foam mount holds mic just inside f-hole or behind bridge
  • Bass rolloff in mic prevents boominess
  • Connects to a sound system mixer or instrument amp with 12 to 48 volts phantom power
  • Made in USA, 2-year warranty, 14-day money-back guarantee

Help with using our microphones (FAQ)

Bass Mic Sample video
{Bass solo around 9:00}

Bass Mic customer review

"Hey Bruce, I played a gig last night and used your Bass Mic. It was fabulous. Two bass players there had come to see my Gviolone bass and loved the mic, as well" -- Bill Fowty

"I LOVE my bass mic!  My bass has never sounded better.  My brother [also a musician] was at my gig at Biltmore last night, and sitting across the room he had a hard time believing I was amplified."  -- Andy Preston