Bartlett Bass Mic review

Eric Sittner, bassist

I’ve been touring with Patti Austin and using your Bass Mic in her “Ella” Jazz trio group. I also play with a composer named Vardan Ovsepian here who loves the tone of the mic also, amongst many others I play with here in the LA area.

The Bass Mic has been working out great while mixing it with my pickup.  I’m getting great comments about my sound from fellow musicians.

It gives so much more dimension and ‘poof’ to the tone that wasn’t there with just the pickup alone. It’s just what I needed and really makes me want to play more acoustic/upright bass on account of it sounding so good. Very inspiring to hear a great sound come out of your speaker.

Thanks for making something that actually works live for us acoustic bassists! It’s been a long frustrating road trying to get our sound accurately represented in a live mix.  I look forward to each and every live gig now with this mic in the mix. Total game changer.

Glad to hear you are a player as well! I’m sure you have great ears and know what to listen for. The most important thing we can do is listen!

All the best,
Eric Sittner