Mandolin Mic


The Bartlett Mandolin Mic is a mini condenser microphone for amplifying a mandolin with a warm, clear sound. Includes a rugged 8-foot cable, felt-covered clip, and XLR connector. You'll be free to roam on stage, and you'll get consistent sound from gig to gig.

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  • Natural acoustic sound -- better than a pickup
  • Low feedback
  • Felt-covered clip attaches mic to f-hole or sound hole
  • Connects to a sound system mixer or instrument amp with 12 to 48 volts phantom power
  • Made in USA, 2-year warranty, 14-day money-back guarantee

"I've never had a great-sounding way to amplify the mandolin and this really does it right. This mic sounds great and really has power. You've knocked it out of the park!" -- Marcy Marxer, Grammy-winning musician and producer.

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