Customer Testimonials About Our Mandolin Mic July 18 2016

"I have been playing multi genre music for more than 55 years and have very high musical standards.

I had been searching to find the perfect pickup system for my new mandolin for over a year when I stumbled onto Bruce's site. Upon viewing numerous YouTube videos I was especially struck by the constant recurring phrase from musicians ..." amazing natural sound". That was what I was looking for.

Then I began corresponding with Bruce and was even more impressed by his quick replies, expert advice and willingness to match the perfect  mic to my instrument.

I now own a fabulous mando mic, and it simply exceeds all my expectations. Other musicians cannot believe the quality of sound when they hear it.

I now tell every musician I see to try a Bartlett mic. Forget a 5 star rating...try 10 !!!!"

--  Syd Read, Celtic composer and pro mandolin player, Ontario, Canada


"Congratulations from Germany for producing the best clip-on mandolin mic I ever tried. I tried many: Crown GLM, Shure 98, AT 350, Countryman Isomax, RAMSA/Sony, DPA 4099, AMT, DPA 4061 ... Your microphone provides the best sound, warm, deep, crisp, not too close to feedback. Thank you so much for producing a great tool at a reasonable price." -- Robert Hasleder