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Strings Magazine video review of the Fiddle Mic and Cello Mic August 10 2013



Strings Magazine review of Bartlett Fiddle Mic and Cello Mic August 09 2013


Strings Magazine posted a very favorable review of the Bartlett Fiddle Mic and Cello Mic.

Bartlett Guitar Mic B First Impression Review - Classical Guitar Training August 04 2013

"First impression: I bought the Bartlett Guitar Microphone B and couldn’t be happier with my decision."

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Recording Made Simple with Clip-on Mics July 27 2013

Imagine a recording session with no mic stands, headphones or isolation booths. It’s entirely possible using Bartlett clip-on mics on the instruments.

Saluda Grade, a North Carolina string band, recently recorded an album at our studio. With our mini mics on their instruments, the band played in a tight circle as they normally jam at home. The close miking eliminated leakage and room acoustics, so no isolation booths were needed. The players could punch-in corrections without creating "ghost" tracks. Sound samples are at the end of this article.  Read more