Guitar Mic Review from a Slovakian Nylon-String Guitarist

Guitar Mic Review from a Slovakian Nylon-String Guitarist

Hello Mr. Bartlett,

I am a happy user of one of your microphones, so I decided to send you my story and experience with the microphone.

I am an guitarist from Slovakia, and although I don't do music for living, I play quite a lot; most of the time in the church and sometimes in pubs too :)

For the last few years my main instrument was an acoustic steel string guitar with Fishman Prefix Premium SOB - a great sounding system combining undersaddle piezo pickup and condenser mic inside the body. I got used to the quite natural sound of the pickup system.

A couple months ago I decided to buy a nylon string guitar, which brought one big question: how do I amplify it? I used to do some sound engineering too, and I know that it is quite difficult to amplify a nylon string guitar. And I absolutely hate the sound of piezo pickup with nylon string guitars - that solution was not acceptable for me.

Finally, when I was about to buy a DPA d:vote mic, I came across your guitar mic in a forum. The first thing I liked about it was the size and the small visual footprint of your solution. The price was also very good, compared to the DPA solution. So I ordered your Guitar Mic (the phantom powered version) from the UK dealer.

The main reason I am writing this is to thank you, because the mic sounds marvellous. Absolutely natural - that's what everybody is looking for. I actually wonder why everybody isn't using your microphones already. Well, I maybe wouldn't recommend it for rock bands with drums, but for all other acoustic music it's just wonderful. Thank you once again for making such a great microphones.

Best wishes
Michal Valluš
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