Cello Mic-LB (for loud bands)


The Bartlett Cello Mic-LB is a beautiful-sounding, mini condenser mic for amplifying a cello in a loud band. Includes a rugged 8-foot cable, foam mount, and XLR connector.  You'll be able to compete in volume with drums, and you'll have consistent sound from gig to gig.

Our regular Cello Mic is recommended for soloists and string quartets.


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  • Natural acoustic sound -- much better than a pickup
  • Foam mount inserts in an f-hole
  • Bass rolloff in mic prevents boomy sound when mounted in an f-hole
  • Minimal feedback, less than our regular Cello Mic
  • Connects to a sound-system mixer or instrument amp with 12 to 48 volts phantom power
  • Made in USA, 2-year warranty, 14-day money-back guarantee

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Cello Mic-LB Sample recording   ( Courtesy of Stephen Cifka )