Guitar Mic vs Guitar Mic B

What's the difference between your two mics for acoustic guitar?
Both mics are for temporary mounting on a sound hole. They sound the same, but they have different powering and connections:

Guitar Mic:

  • Phantom powered
  • 8-foot cable from mic goes to an XLR connector
  • Connects to a sound-system mixer or to an instrument amp that has phantom power
  • Also connects to any phantom power supply, which connects to an instrument amp or mixer that lacks phantom power

Guitar Mic B:

  • Battery powered. The battery lasts about one year.
  • 8-foot cable from mic goes to a battery box that lies on the floor
  • 1/4" phone jack connector in the battery box
  • Connects by a guitar cord to an active direct box, instrument amp, or effects pedals

    Both mics can be converted to wireless operation using our wireless mic modification.