Reviews & Testimonials

Floor Mics Solve Challenge Facing School Music Director January 11 2017

School music teacher Brian Weiland spent over 12 years in a quest for clear, consistent sound reinforcement for his young actors and singers. He tried stand-mounted mics, hanging mics and wireless mics - and finally found what was, in his opinion, the best solution: Bartlett Stage Floor Mics... Read More

Bartlett Mic Survives Hit by Hockey Puck January 27 2015

Greg Tye is Director of Broadcast Services for the Toledo Walleye Hockey Club. In their hockey broadcast's audio system they use six TM-125 mics (now called Stage Floor Mic) mounted high on the plexiglass puck shield behind each of the goals, attached with Velcro.Greg told us,

"This past weekend we had one of our mics hit by a puck. The shot sheared the cover off the mic, but it stuck to the plexiglass and STILL WORKS! Amazing. The game was stopped temporarily as the cover fell onto the rink, was picked up by the referee and handed to our camera man [see video below].

The mics are proven tough and sound great. We're very happy with them.This isn't actually the only time the mics have been hit. We've repaired/replaced two cables that were damaged by pucks but the mics still work."

A video of the event is here:

Praise for Bartlett Floor Mics May 21 2014

"I am Todor Gerdzikov, a sound engineer at State Opera house in town of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. It’s been always a challenge to find a good balance between the orchestra and the voices. Usually the orchestra was louder than soloists and/or choir. I tried some shotguns and hanging mics for picking up the voices from the stage, but the result was unsatisfactory. 

We bought 3 of your TM-125 floor mics [now the Stage Floor Mic].

 And the result was stunning!!! I couldn’t pick up any better the voices from the stage, even from about 45 feet distance.  I’ve used them at outdoor performances too.

  Last week we performed Verdi’s “Nabucco” at one of the largest halls in Sofia. We were very worried about the sound, having heard from different sources that there’s big problem with the sound. I brought my 3 Bartlett floor mics and when we tested them with the crew from hall, the sound was brilliant!!!  I just cut out some frequencies to avoid feedback and get the highest level. They couldn’t believe what they heard. Your mics saved the day!!! A hall that seats 3700 people with stage about 65 by 50 feet and all the sound from the stage was picked up only by your 3 mics.

The hall was equiped with two clusters of Yamaha S215V hung high up on the 65-ft high ceiling, pointed at different directions, about 30 feet further distance from the floor mics.  We even didn’t use the maximum level, but had to keep it down. The sound engineer said something like "No it is not possible"... or "Oh man I should get myself a bunch of those mics". 

I express my big satisfaction of your products! Well done. Wherever I go I recommend them to my colleagues and everyone is amazed by their performance."

Todor Gerdzikovsound engineer, State Opera of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria