Bartlett Mic Survives Hit by Hockey Puck

Greg Tye is Director of Broadcast Services for the Toledo Walleye Hockey Club. In their hockey broadcast's audio system they use six TM-125 mics (now called Stage Floor Mic) mounted high on the plexiglass puck shield behind each of the goals, attached with Velcro.Greg told us,

"This past weekend we had one of our mics hit by a puck. The shot sheared the cover off the mic, but it stuck to the plexiglass and STILL WORKS! Amazing. The game was stopped temporarily as the cover fell onto the rink, was picked up by the referee and handed to our camera man [see video below].

The mics are proven tough and sound great. We're very happy with them.This isn't actually the only time the mics have been hit. We've repaired/replaced two cables that were damaged by pucks but the mics still work."

A video of the event is here:
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