Round Barn Theatre Relies on Bartlett Floor Mics

Stage set
In its production of “A Christmas Carol”, the Round Barn Theatre at Amish Acres, Nappanee, Indiana used two Bartlett floor mics to amplify the actors.

The microphones provided all the sound for the play, except for some headworn wireless mics worn by the narrator and the three ghosts in the production.

Richard Pletcher, Amish Acres founder and show producer, reported that “the speakers and mics are working amazingly well”. They reproduced the voices with a clear, natural sound, and blended well with the wireless mics.

 Round Barn Theater
Bartlett recommended the loudspeaker model and placement. The Theatre installed two ElectroVoice ZX1090B speakers, which include an 8” woofer and 90x40 horn tweeter.

The speakers were mounted across from the 4th row of seats on each side wall, aiming diagonally across the audience. In the photo below, a loudspeaker is just to the left of the coil of rope on the wall.
 speaker placement on wall

We’re delighted that our microphones added to the enjoyment of the audience, making it easy to hear every word.

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