A Sound True to the Instrument

"Bruce, we used your Fiddle Mic and Guitar Mic in a noisy brewery. Wow, the mics sounded pretty great with next to no feedback at all. We have now played numerous gigs at various venues and we have gotten lots of positive comments, from many of the old-time crowd in Ithaca.

It is incredible how 'true' to each instrument these mics are. We had a rehearsal one night and I had the Fiddle Mic and Guitar Mic set up. Two of my band members came in and could not believe how loud the guitar and fiddle sounded, not realizing they were both 'plugged in'! One of my bandmates borrowed the Fiddle Mic and loved it as well -- I told him he could only borrow it once!  

Thanks for the mics, and for all of your help, via my call back in March and your amazingly user-friendly website. --John Hoffmann, Hoffmann Violins, Ithaca, NY"
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