The musical "Annie" enhanced by Bartlett Stage Floor Mics

Dear Bruce,

Just wanted to touch base and say how well the Bartlett Stage Floor Mics performed this past weekend.  We had a cast of over 40 kids for our production of "Annie." 

In the past, I always had problems with the big chorus numbers where there are a lot of kids onstage at the same time singing and dancing.  Not this time!  The sound of the chorus singers was clear as a bell.  It carried to the audience beautifully, and mixed very well with our CD soundtrack.  Once we filled the hall with the audience, feedback was not an issue.  I was a little concerned about feedback during our rehearsals but I think that's because the room in which we do the show is relatively narrow, with high ceilings and full of hard surfaces with little acoustical padding.  But, once the audience arrived (full houses each night) I had no problems with feedback.

We used 8 wireless head mics on our lead actors, and I was able to mix those well in combination with your Stage Floor Mics. -- Ron Wilkerson

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