Customer Loves the Fiddle Mic's Sound, Doesn't Need EQ November 03 2014

Bartlett Fiddle Mic

"Hi Bruce.I play with a small group, consisting of a digital piano.., 2 singers.., and myself on acoustic violin. We are not an overly loud group, and play in a smallish to medium-sized hall.

"I'd done a bit of research and found that your Fiddle Mic has a good reputation. I'm a classical violinist, and clear acoustic tone quality is important to me. I was looking for something that accurately conveyed the tone of my instrument.
"Well, after I got your microphone, suddenly everyone could hear me, loud and clear. I now continually get people coming up to me saying, "Thank you so much for playing today - you sounded great!!". I also get told "you sound so crisp and clear!".

"At first, before I tried it, I wondered if I would need to EQ the tone, and also bought a Headway EDB-2 acoustic preamp... My mic goes straight into the preamp, and then straight into the (very simple) mixer.

"I don't have to do anything to the mixer at all - there is no EQ needed. I don't even use any cut or boost of EQ on the preamp either. I play in high positions on the E string of the violin, all the way down to the lowest notes on the G string - and it all sounds great just as it comes.

"My violin sounds lovely, warm, resonant ... and completely acoustic (even though it's actually amplified). So, I'd just like to say thank you for a great product. Bravo!" -- Jon O'Brien (Sunshine Coast, Australia)