Bartlett Cello Mic Testimonial from a Contra Dance Band

Our Contra Quartet played to a packed house last night in Tacoma. Absolute best sound we have ever had. I was thrilled at the Cello Mic sound quality during the sound check. It is the first time that the cello sounded as good, if not better, than the acoustic sound in our practice sessions.

During the sound check, I mounted the Cello Mic for the very first time, right out of the box, according to your instructions: midway between tailpiece and bridge, pointing directly at top of the cello. The foam is a simple, brilliant solution. I threw a little extra loop around a fine tuner with the cable, just to protect the cable from being pulled accidentally.

[Our soundman] was very impressed!  I got "the nod" of approval when I first started playing. He said "very full range"...very impressive.

After playing our hearts out all evening, here is what I note:

  • Crisp low end. Strong and solid without being boomy.
  • Wonderful, cello-like mid tones. This sound in particular captures what I call the "buzzy-tactile-string" quality that is so desired by cellists. It is hard to describe to non-string players, but it is a rich, earthy sound quality.
  • Sweet high end.  I was totally surprised by this. I don't think the sound guy did much (if any) EQ work, but there is absolutely no harshness in the high end.

Bruce, thank you for the care and thought you put into designing this mike. You have created something simple, practical and extremely high quality that supports natural sound reinforcement, while also elegantly solving the feedback, mounting issues.  A brilliant design on all counts."

-- Stephen Cifka

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