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French Recording Studio Uses Bartlett Mics July 26 2020

Studio Résidentiel La Boîte à Meuh, a top recording studio in La Loire, France, posted their latest news:

"Four Bartlett Audio microphones enrich the 115 microphones of the studio. [Three Guitar Mics and one Mandolin Mic were] purchased to provide sound for the Féloche & the Mandolin Orchestra tour. Bartlett Audio is a small craft company located in the United States and founded by Bruce Bartlett."


The Swamp Nots Swing with Bartlett Mics June 23 2014

Swamp Nots using Bartlett mics

"Both Rich Hartness and I use your mics. This is the best way by far to amplify acoustic instruments." 

For his mandolin, Gary mounts a Bartlett Fiddle Mic between the tailpiece and bridge. Rick mounts his Bartlett Guitar Mic on the guitar's soundhole.

'Here is a video of us using our Bartletts that I hope you will enjoy. Thank you… Gary Silverstein"



Creative Uses for Bartlett Audio Instrument Mics November 04 2013

Asheville, NC, soundmixer Weogo Reed has kindly sent us photos and reports on several unusual uses of our microphones. His comments are below.

"I have been using the Fiddle Mic and Guitar Mic on several players in the last couple months. At a dance festival in September Fred Stoll, a mandolin player, used the Guitar Mic, while a young woman fiddler used the Fiddle Mic. On September 21st, mandolin player Sid Heilbronn used the Fiddle Mic on his Mando and was quite happy with it. On October 8th, fiddler Kris Wallace used the Bartlett Fiddle Mic, again, quite happy.

"At the LEAF festival, Rodney Miller had his AT mic on his Fiddle, and we also installed a Bartlett Fiddle mic on a second channel. We went back and forth with them, and he ended up using the Bartlett all weekend. He said something about it sounding velvety smooth in the monitor.

"[Another musician] has been trying several different mics and pickups on his new mandolin, and not getting the sound he wanted (nor what I wanted!). The Fiddle Mic was used as shown in the picture, under the strings, behind the bridge. Here is what he said after the show last night: 'That's the biggest improvement in sound since I got this mandolin'."

Recording Made Simple with Clip-on Mics July 27 2013

Imagine a recording session with no mic stands, headphones or isolation booths. It’s entirely possible using Bartlett clip-on mics on the instruments.

Saluda Grade, a North Carolina string band, recently recorded an album at our studio. With our mini mics on their instruments, the band played in a tight circle as they normally jam at home. The close miking eliminated leakage and room acoustics, so no isolation booths were needed. The players could punch-in corrections without creating "ghost" tracks. Sound samples are at the end of this article.  Read more