Wireless-ready Mandolin Mic


This is our wireless-version mini condenser mic for amplifying a mandolin. It has the same warm, sweet tone as the Bartlett Mandolin Mic. A felt-covered clip holds the mic securely onto an f-hole. You'll be free to roam on stage, and you'll get consistent sound from gig to gig.

The mic cable goes to a Shure beltpack wireless transmitter (sold separately). At the receiver, you plug in the supplied Bartlett EQ module, which tailors the tone and reduces feedback.

The Wireless-ready Mandolin Mic is designed for use with the Shure GLXD1 digital transmitter and GLXD4 receiver ($448 total), or the Shure GLXD16 system ($449), sold separately. You can order the Wireless-ready Mandolin Mic from this website, and order the Shure system from another vendor, such as bhphotovideo.com:

Shure GLXD1 transmitter
Shure GLXD4 receiver

The Wireless-ready Mandolin Mic also works with the $299 Shure  BLX14/CVL, which is UHF insead of digital.

Mic specs (Mandolin Mic)
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  • Warm, sweet tone; same as the Bartlett Mandolin Mic.
  • Low feedback.
  • Clips onto an f-hole.
  • Includes mic with 4-foot cable and TA4F connector.
  • Includes EQ module with XLR connector. Requires 12-48V phantom power.
  • Microphone: Made in USA, 2-year warranty, 14-day money-back guarantee.

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