Boundary Recording Mic


The Bartlett Boundary Recording Mic is a specialized microphone for quality recording of music and drama. This floor-mounted cardioid mic has a very accurate sound and low noise. Popular for recording choirs, opera, plays and musicals, solo recitals, small classical-music ensembles, dance ensembles, and audio for video.

Purchase two mics if you want to do stereo recording. To see the mic placement, please click on the drawing at left.

Note: not recommended for sound reinforcement of actors. Use our Stage Floor Mic or Stage Floor Mic C to amplify actors with a P.A. system.

Click here for specs.

  • Natural sound without coloration
  • 15-foot detachable cable included
  • Inconspicuous, floor-mounted
  • Rugged steel chassis prevents breakage due to stepping on the mic
  • Requires 12 to 48 volts phantom power
  • Made in USA, 3-year warranty, 14-day money-back guarantee

Help with using our mics

Audio samples

Youtube sample recording made with two Boundary Recording Mics