Banjo Mic B (battery powered)


Here's the way to amplify your banjo with a clear, natural sound. The Banjo Mic B is a professional-quality, battery powered mic with a 1/4" output jack. The tiny, precision microphone attaches with Velcro to your banjo. From the mic, a rugged 8-foot cable goes to a 9-volt battery box which lies on the floor.

In the battery box is a 1/4" phone jack. There you plug in a standard guitar cord, and connect that cord to one of these devices: an instrument amp, active direct box, preamp, or effects pedals.

The battery lasts about one year. Plugging in the guitar cord turns on the battery; unplugging turns it off.


Quickstart Guide


    • Natural, accurate sound; much better than a pickup.
    • High volume before feedback.
    • Freedom to move around on stage, no mic stand needed.
    • Made in USA, 2-year warranty, 14-day money-back guarantee.