Musicians' Smartphone Mic (MSM)


Clearer sound for your band's videos

This tiny, studio-quality microphone makes it easy to record videos of your band with clearer, more close-up sound than a Smartphone’s built-in mic.

Have you ever shot a video of your group with a Smartphone, and you’ve been disappointed with the distant, muddy sound? The MSM solves that problem. Mount it on a mic stand close to your band, extend its 16-foot cable, and plug it into your Smartphone. Record your video and enjoy great sound.

The MSM is recommended for acoustic groups rather than electric groups. Loud electric bands can cause distortion in iPhone's video app (but not in recording apps).

The MSM covers the full audio range with excellent fidelity and detail. It picks up much less reverb than the mic built into a Smartphone.The mic works for streaming video as well as YouTube.

The Musican’s Smartphone Mic works with recent Smartphones and iPhones version 5 and up, iOS 10 and up. Apple’s Lightning-to-3.5mm headphone jack adapter is needed with iPhones that lack a headphone jack.

Recent parts-cost reductions have enabled us to reduce the price.

Video demo
(the MSM is hanging above the musicians just outside the video frame)

Quickstart Guide



  • Studio-quality sound, full-range and detailed.
  • Reduces reverb by 10 to 16 dB compared to the mic built into a Smartphone.
  • Connects easily. The mic is powered by the Smartphone.
  • Also great for audition videos, distance-learning videos, practice videos.
  • Made in USA, 2-year warranty, money-back guarantee.